by Dumpster Garbage



released February 1, 2017

Lyrics, Music, and "Artwork" by Steven Lown

Future artwork will be done by Zach Griffon, this was just a quick paintbrush png I made for the single.



all rights reserved


Dumpster Garbage Mooresville, North Carolina

I've been writing songs for a while and decided I might as well release some. It'll all be emo acoustic shit. My songs will probably all be about a few different girls that had me fucked up. Inspirations include; Teen Suicide, Have Mercy, Father John Misty, and Brand New. Hope you enjoy. ... more

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Track Name: /-/
With blood on your sheets
and blacken in your veins
darling I know
it hurts to live this way
at least it numbs the pain

the red in your eyes, feeling real high
you cry so they're not
so dry and its hard when you
really want to die

coke in the blunt
cheering you up
its later now
there's time to lay in lust
those lies that we call love

4 in the morning, 15 missed calls
don't wan to come down
cuz thats when we'll think about
all the crumbling ground

beneath and around us
and all of our friends
how'd we get so lost
forget where we've been

I love to escape
but it doesn't help
one simple letter
has put me in hell

sometimes i wanna change
the few nights I'm sober and lying awake
play Julien Baker
take one more hit to numb the pain

and fly away

so many lives are lost in this way
its been so long i barely remember
her name

what a shame